Thursday, March 17, 2016


No person is your friend who demands your silence, or denies your right to grow. - Alice Walker

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

YUP< i'm bragging a bit, and asking for your help =)

Thirst Wine Bar & Bistro chose my husband's design as a finalist in the contest for a new label for their two new house wines. (read more about the contest here )

By Friday, David Billings (my hubby) and three other finalists' designs will be on display at both their River Place and Lake Oswego locations, as well as online at so that people can vote. To vote (here's where I'm asking for your help), register to become a member at Thirst's website. Membership is free. Members can vote once a day until the end of the contest. Ultimately, the design will be chosen by the owners of Thirst, but popular vote could sway their decision!

You can see David's work at his website... Sparkyfirepants =)

Thanks! Please spread the word!! =)


Sunday, February 03, 2008

what have I been up to?

well... since the move I have been doing more knitting than blogging... (go figure. it's easier to knit with a sleeping 16+ pounder on your lap than to balance the computer and blog... and I'm not that good at the left handed typing yet. ) I'm also not that clear headed.
I've also read a couple of good books.
read many good blogs. (and even tried posting comments... though clear and intelligent communication is not at the top of my list of skills these days.... I'm working on that. oh, and there are times when I've actually written responses, and failed to hit the send button.. and lost them to cyberspace... trust me, those were the really good comments where I come off sounding oh so smart, witty, and just like the kinda gal you want for a friend!

I've been cooking... i bake a couple of loaves of uber bread (it's super high protein and yummy too) each week...
oh.. and laundry. I have done lots of laundry... (* Note to self. order the new washing thing and blog about it. )

I've made up all sorts of ridiculous songs and made lots of silly sounds.. I'm also really good at raspberries.

pictures of my finished knitted projects will come.
book listing.. yeah, I'll get around to it eventually.

I'm just taking this blog commitment one day at a time...

Saturday, February 02, 2008

it's Snowing!!!

We woke this morning to more rain... slowly the rain turned to snow. Now it's even sticking and the flakes are big. It would be pretty cool if we got some snowman building snow today.

Friday, February 01, 2008


okay.. I realize that I have a blog creating addiction... I've often wondered if I should scrap the whole thing and start all over...

I have the Frugal Vegan Blog which is supposed to be where I log my frugal ways, in hopes of sharing how I feed my food lovin' family without breaking the bank.

my DC Daily Photo Blog which was a great experiment for myself. I wasn't sure about blogging DAILY! (yikes) and sharing my pictures with the whole wide world .. but I did it. and it was fun, and a fantastic way of documenting our time in DC. But, alas, I no longer live in DC. I know there will be a new daily photo blog in my future, but I'm not sure I'm ready for it yet. Maybe...

& there's this Cre8in Blog which was my attempt to encourage, nurture and allow an outlet for my creative side. (as if that creativity can have only one side!) plus, I happen to love the way I used the 8 in cre8in. okay, i'm a geek. whatever.

and a few other private blogs that I've created for various reasons, all rooted in my desire to write more, to create more, and to keep a record (albeit a loose, fun, not so structured record) of this thing I call my life.

sooo... now, I've been busy with life, and have allowed myself to be a bit more scattered than I normally find comfortable. And, I'm wondering what I want to do with this blogging part of my personality.

I don't think I want to just dump it all. I think I'm ready to challenge myself. What better day to do this than today. On the first day of the second month of a new year. (it makes sense to me, even if it's just a bunch of babble to anyone 'out there')

So... I'll take a baby step here, and try to post every day for a week. I was going to say a month.. but that's just more of a commitment than I'm willing to make right now. WIth this 'everydayforaweek commitment' I plan to post to each of my blogs independently. I've been lazy and copied some of my posts to my different blogs.. (BLA BLA BOring.)

so.. this will be my last (for this week at least) duplicate post.

this is where I get serious.
(for a week anyway!) >> Sheesh.. I'm beginning to sound like commitmentphobic.

let the experiment begin......


Friday, January 18, 2008

Sing Polly wolly doodle all the day

polly wolly doodle..

yup. I'm singing polly wolly doodle.. and I'm singing it all the day. WHY?? because my little guy giggles uproariously when I sing it.

as he does when I sing the slobber song, or the Henri BOP Bop BOP, HEnri Bop .

and you know what? I'll admit it. There's not much I won't do to hear that little guy giggle.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

pregnancy due date