Monday, April 16, 2007

time to come out with it already!! =)

I've been kinda holed up here most of this year.. or it feels that way some days! This weather doesn't help much... that is unless I'm looking for an excuse to be lazy, then the weather is a great help! ha.
We have some exciting news... news that I have only just started sharing. I am four months pregnant!!! We are thrilled. Hubby and I only told the kids one month ago. They (or at least our daughter) was enjoying knowing this secret, but we've started telling people.. because quite frankly, it's starting to be obvious... at least in real life! ;)

Our son is not as excited as our daughter about the idea of a baby around here, but I know he'll warm up to the idea when the time comes. It is funny because I point out things about this pregnancy that I never much took notice to in the past. For instance... to an eleven year old boy, the fact that this little creature growing inside me is currently covered in hair .. that's just cool! And for me, anything that makes the baby's big brother more interested is definitely cool! ;)

I've been a lot better this time about taking things easy, too. With my son, who is now 11... I worked up till 7 1/2 or 8 months... then we moved across the country... I still say I got the best sleep of my life when I was prego w/ him and working... I was so dang tired! LOL

with my daughter, I was taking care of my son, so I'd carry him, even when he was a little big for me to do that... and of course, I was a young little 'super mom'... I don't have that same mental hang up this time... I have two able bodied helpers around here, and I'm much better about just saying the heck with some things if I need to and not feeling so guilty. I don't know if it's the wisdom or laziness of age.. but it serves me well this time... so I'll take it!

And at 13 weeks, we heard our little heart beating... and I was pretty sure I started feeling little flutters a couple weeks later...

On Friday we had another check up and another chance to hear our little heart. It was beating nice and strong and was simply music to my ears... cliche' as that is.. I can't help it. Hearing that beat, knowing it's strong and all is well.. It's the biggest rush.
After the midwife took the doppler off my tummy I felt that flutter I mentioned. It was awesome because it gave me a conclusive proof that the flutter was our baby! Now I'm much more relaxed and interestingly, I feel those flutters even more often.

I'm actually looking forward to those full out kicks... ( Like that statement won't come back to haunt me!)
I remember seeing feet move across my belly with the other two... Or an elbow... and my son would always get the hickups. I wonder what is in store with this little one.

I'm growing, and still hungry all the time, so I keep telling myself all is well. I feel great really. I love being pregnant!
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