Thursday, September 14, 2006

Clear the coffee table... Get in touch with your Pan.

CLEAR THE COFFEE TABLE, an activity brought to me by Brave Writer. The basic idea is that before bed, mom clears off the coffee table and places on it some item and see what happens... Julie of Brave Writer explained it like this.

"Before bed after kids are asleep, put something brand new on the
table (it doesn't have to be something you purchase - even surprise
library books or a photo album that has been lost in the back of a
closet, a sewing machine that spent too long in the basement or a dog
leash with a box of treats to use on a long walk in the park, will work).

The idea is to stimulate some new interest or something new to do that
hasn't been done for awhile or ever."


I sort of cheated at this clear the coffee table game... but seeing as I have no coffee table, I had to!=) Instead of clearing the coffee table, my eight year old daughter showed me a section of her bookshelf that has been feeling neglected. Up to this point her reading has been in fits and starts. She has improved so very much, but goes through stages where she'd rather do anything than to read to me. My son is not one for oral reading, unless he finds something he must share! But he is easily lost in books, so it is not a worry of mine. And thankfully, we all enjoy it when I read aloud.

We have a small collection of various books from Disney. I think they were freebies that we collected some many years ago. Now, as a family, we have always loved all things Peter Pan. My son recently discovered the fantastic tales contained in J.M Barrie's book. My daughter and I have begun reading it to each other. However, the clear the coffee table moment far exceeded my expectations!

She picked a book, Return to Neverland, based on the Disney Movie of the same title. She began to read it to me. Actually, she began to read it to herself. Then when I curled around her, she gladly read to me. We stopped for a little break and when I came back into the room she was pondering how to make a Pan costume for her doll. I found some green felt and we got busy. Her new Peter doll (previously a Groovy Girl boy named Dillon) now has new shoes, a tunic, dagger and a wonderful hat which she designed and sewed herself. This creative dressing also inspired my daughter to create a little Peter Pan outfit of her own.

Pictures of both were originally posted here...
I Dressed Myself

She finished reading the book to me today. I was very proud, although she was disappointed. I can understand that, as I often feel that way about a story that I love. Tonight we are watching the movie and she plans to 'compare them' (her words!)

I should add that she pulled The Lion King out as well. She told me she intends to read it and then we'll watch the movie to see how they are different. I'm loving that she has discovered and is enjoying these books.

This coffee table (or table free as we are) activity is a fantastic way to spark interests and shake things up a bit. It is a definite do-over for us!
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